Resume & Portfolio

Patrick J. Donoghue

Patrick Donoghue is an award-winning leader in the interactive industry with extensive experience in television, Internet and application development. A creative and technically knowledgeable executive, Donoghue has a track record of conceptualizing, developing and operating new products and services for digital television, mobile devices and broadband. He is highly focused and entrepreneurial with a history of setting and executing key strategies. In-depth understanding of technology and user-centric design have enabled Patrick Donoghue to lead cross-functional teams to achieve corporate objectives and produce innovative products that have lead the industry.

Donoghue is currently SVP, User Experience & Emerging Products at Cablevision and leads the group. He is responsible for reinventing the optimum.net customer portal, launching a suite of TV Anywhere applications on all major mobile devices, and establishing the Onyx guide across all set top boxes.

Prior to returning to Cablevision, Patrick was VP of ITV Product Management at Time Warner Cable. He also acted as the VP of Digital Television and Broadband Development at Cablevision in New York and was responsible for producing the interactive services for the digital television and broadband services. At Cablevision Patrick launched over 30 interactive television sites, a subscription games service, a premium tier broadband offering and an extremely successful on-screen upgrade service. His most recent accomplishment was to lead a team to design and build a new user interface for iO digital cable that increased VOD revenue by as much as 12%. Patrick also lead the interactive advertising efforts at Cablevision and deployed an ITV advertising platform for clients such as Disney and jetBlue. Patrick is the recipient of four Emmys  for his work at Cablevision and the ITV Today Leadership Award for leadership in the industry.

Donoghue is a pioneer in new media who left a career in cinematography and editing to join Viacom in 1993 and work on the Castro Valley ITV trial. While at Viacom, he developed several VOD and SVOD applications and a 3D user interface that was submitted for patent review. Patrick was also one of the founders of Showtime New Media where he produced one of the first synchronous two screen experiences for Mike Tyson Boxing, and launched numerous entertainment web sites for Showtime, The Movie Channel and Flix,. Patrick went on to co-found the interactive production company Big Band Media in 1998 where he served as president Big Band Media developed enhanced TV programs and web sites for Sesame Street, Stargate SG-1, Pearson Television, and others. As EVP of Development for ExtendMedia, Donoghue produced numerous web and ITV projects for the networks and cable operators. Patrick has also been a long time mentor and presenter at the American Film Institute Enhanced Television Workshop and is currently on the AFI board of advisors.

Over the course of his career, Donoghue has proven to be a visionary in the industry with the rare combination of creative, technical and business skills required to create new revenue streams from new mediums. On each project he brings to bear his experience as a filmmaker, art director, technologist and businessman to create innovative entertainment products. His success across all interactive mediums has resulted in a strategic leader whose expertise and insight is vital to developing new products and strategies.

Please contact me for more information at patrick@patrickdonoghue.net